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Sunset Insurance Associates was founded by Marcos Ruiz in 2005 and specialized in handling claims in South Florida. In time, the team grew as did the service area to include the entire state. SIA’s area of specialization broadened to include daily claims and assisting in dispute resolution in the intense Florida claim environment. Currently, the team is made of Southeastern US natives and insiders, which means SIA is uniquely equipped to do business in the Southeast. We have handled over 20 storm events and multiple high-profile fraud investigations. With a home office in South Florida, SIA has particular insight into the challenges characteristic of the areas it covers, and a proven track record of meeting those challenges with the utmost efficiency and thorough investigation. Most of all, SIA is proud of having a reputation for integrity and quality. Built into the fabric of SIA is strict standards, an insistence on honest and genuine business practices, and a candid approach in handling all claims.

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